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Ere Perez , our sustainability eco-lution

​ we are leaders in sustainable beauty. we invite you to come on this journey with us.


our eco commitments

our promise

Our legacy We take our legacy seriously as pioneers of natural beauty since 2002. To lead by example so our customers & other brands can follow. Our eco-lution We acknowledge this process takes time and we are fully invested in being the ‘guilt free’ choice in beauty. We question every decision to initiate the best solution. We are a brand in motion, constantly re-evaluating so we can minimise our environmental footprint. Our packaging Our packaging has evolved over time and many decisions – both big and small – have been made to make us more earth-friendly. With more refillable options, sustainable materials, and innovative solutions. Currently, 23% of our packaging can be infinitely recycled. 14% of our products are zero waste. Our future We are committed to assessing existing products & future creations for their eco credentials. These are our sustainability goals, by 2023 we aim to be: - 90% plastic free - 20% zero waste - 95% mono elements - 50% of plastics will be PCR - 100% mirror, glue & magnet free - 100% recyclable & 30% reusable - 18 refillable products made from 100% recyclable containers

beauty with a conscience

In 2022, no one can deny that beauty can be one of the most wasteful of all industries. From water use, throw-away packaging and excessive consumption, the beauty industry, like the fashion industry, is facing a crisis of conscience. We were one of the few Australian makeup brands to commit to natural ingredients, cruelty free formulas and no animal testing. As pioneers of natural beauty and clean cosmetics, we welcome this challenge to be cleaner, greener and more sustainable. To us, clean beauty means more than formulas: it means product packaging, shipping and all elements of what goes into taking raw ingredients to your beauty cabinet. Did you know we are accredited carbon neutral and this applies to our shipping too!

we have two homes

in past years we have been focusing on ingredients that are clean to care for our first home, the body – as we removed the toxins from our bodies, now we have to look after our second home - the planet.

why with ere Founder

Ere Perez discusses

the company’s eco-lution journey

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